Mobile Signing and Traveling Closing Services in Plam Beach County Florida. Signing and Closing Appointments Require Twenty-Four Hour Notice

Mobile Notary and Signings

We ONLY TRAVEL TO YOU, You Choose The Time and Place

Mobile NOTARY AND TRAVELING closing agentS

Traveling Mobile Notary, Traveling Closing, and Signing Agents in Palm Beach County Florida.

Our primary function is the assist people who are in need of a mobile, traveling, signing or closing notary to attend a real estate closings, loan closings, and or mortgage closings. However, we are available to assist with notarizing any legal document.

Our licensed, bonded and insured local mobile signing and closing agents are prepared to travel to a location of your choice, will be available to meet you on any day and at any time provided you allow for twenty-four hour advanced notice. We do not offer any office hours - We are a traveling signing and mobile closing service that perfoms services at an address of your choice, just not in our office.

To make an appointment, please email, 

Please be advised, you will receive a faster response from an email. All mobile agents receive email in the office and on their cell phones. We encourage you to email now so we can plan your appointment for the next day or any other day or night you prefer.

Traveling signing, closing and notary services are contracted to local licensed professionals who care.

STEP 01.
An order (closing) is placed by email in writing.

STEP 02,
One of our signing or notary agents is assigned your request.

STEP 03.
After the notary ackonwledges the assignment, you will receive an email with the name of the agent who will be attending the closing.

STEP 04.
The notary will contact all parties to the closing to arrange and or confirm the time and place of the closing.

STEP 05.
We copy and collate the closing documents sent to us by email or confirm the documents are in the possession at the signing location.

STEP 06.
We print and provide instructions to the notary to assure accuracy of services.
STEP 07.
If required to ship notartized paperwork, we do so within hours of the completed signing. You must provide a prepaid shipping slip for this service. 

STEP 08.
The agent you hired bills and sends a copy of paid invoice via email.

Our mobile closing and signing agents are experienced professionals with knowledge of real estate, title insurance, loan documents and mortgage document packages. They handle all documents with the appropriate safeguards, and they represent your company with the expertise required throughout the entire closing process. Our agents also work flexible hours to accommodate your needs whenever and wherever you may need us to appear

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