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Many times legal documents must be witnessed by at least one person other than the notary. Most people who are from out of town, incapacitated or simply do not know people who can attend the notorial signing will need at least one witness. No Worries, we can assist you! We have witnesses who will meet us at a location and time of your choice.

Before hiring us you must determine if you need a witness or witnesses at the notary signing. We cannot advise you about witnesses or any other aspect of the notary signing. However, if you decide you need a witness or two we can assist you provided you give us at least two days notice.

Please be advised witnesses, like notaries, must take time out of their schedule, travel to where the meeeting is to take place and be available to witness the signing of documents. Each witness gets paid just as the notary does. In the event you require a witness, perhaps two or more, we will schedule the witness(es) to be available and on time wherever you need them to be. 

Typically, a witness gets paid $75.00 to appear at the time of a notary signing. Witnesses are available for 20 minutes and, if necessary, will stay longer for additional fees. If more time is required you will be advised of the modest additional fees for extra wait time.

We provide mobile and traveling witnesses to attend the signing of legal documents by a Public Notary. 

If you need a witness or two, call us now at, 561-445-7939



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